Redefining Luxury: A Closer Look at Rude Customer Service in High-End Fashion

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As the proud owner of, I have always been fascinated by the nuances of luxury retail and how these practices influence customer perception and brand reputation. In the world of high-end fashion, customer service can vary dramatically, often reflecting a brand’s core values and marketing strategies. Today, I want to explore three common perceptions about customer service in luxury fashion and clarify how approaches each aspect differently, staying true to our commitment to inclusivity and genuine customer care.

1. The Allure of Exclusivity

One of the most pervasive strategies in luxury retail is the creation of an exclusive atmosphere. Some brands train their sales staff to offer selective service, prioritizing potential high spenders or those who fit a certain profile. This approach is based on the assumption that exclusivity enhances desirability, making the brand seem more prestigious and sought-after.

Psychological Impact:

This strategy taps into the human desire to belong to esteemed groups. Being part of an “exclusive club” can make customers feel special and elite. However, this can also lead to a significant portion of potential customers feeling alienated or undervalued, impacting their overall perception of the brand.

Birdyberry’s Approach:

At Birdyberry, we believe that luxury is an experience that should be accessible to everyone. We aim to provide warm, welcoming, and inclusive service to all customers, regardless of their purchasing intent or appearance. We want everyone who interacts with our brand to feel valued and respected, fostering a sense of community and belonging that we believe is the true essence of luxury.

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2. Status and Social Proof

Another aspect of luxury customer service is the emphasis on status. High-end brands often cultivate an image that owning their products signifies a certain social or economic standing. This can make the purchasing process feel more like an initiation into a higher social echelon.

Psychological Impact:

For customers, the acquisition of a luxury item can be a symbol of success and identity. This is reinforced by the idea that such items are not easily accessible to the general public. Staff behavior that underscores the exclusivity of the brand can enhance this feeling, making the purchase feel like a significant achievement.

Birdyberry’s Approach:

While we appreciate and understand the desire for status among consumers, at Birdyberry, we focus on creating lasting relationships based on mutual respect and admiration. Our products are designed to enhance your life and style, not just your status. We believe in making everyone feel like a VIP, providing a customer service experience that is as high-quality and thoughtful as the products we offer.

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3. Challenge and Conquest

Some luxury brands operate under the notion that a certain level of challenge in the buying process can make the eventual purchase more rewarding. This approach can sometimes manifest as sales staff behaving aloofly, turning the shopping experience into a challenge that customers feel compelled to overcome.

Psychological Impact:

Overcoming a perceived challenge can increase the value of the purchase in the eyes of the consumer. It can create a sense of victory and exclusivity, as if the customer has earned the right to own the product through their persistence.  They are daring you to buy by treating you as if you are not worthy or capable.

Birdyberry’s Approach:

At Birdyberry, we steer clear of such tactics. We believe that shopping should be a pleasure, not a challenge. We are dedicated to assisting you with enthusiasm and expertise, ensuring that every interaction with us is straightforward, enjoyable, and rewarding. We aim to make every customer feel supported and appreciated for their purchase and beyond.

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So, the next time you see a line outside a “luxury” brands store with people waiting behind a red rope for example, remind yourself it’s just a trick for exclusivity and its very likely there are only one or two people in the store, sometimes even empty, because when others see you waiting outside to get in its advertising for the store.

The best way to combat their sad sales technique is to share your experience online, but without being defamatory or saying anything their lawyers can use.  Just be clear on your experience without getting nasty. When brands like that see posts calling out their behaviour things will change.

At Birdyberry, we are committed to redefining what luxury means by focusing on inclusive, respectful, and genuinely helpful customer service. We believe that true luxury lies in the quality of your experiences and the joy they bring, rather than the exclusivity they imply. By fostering an environment where everyone is welcome and valued, we ensure that our customers are not just satisfied, but delighted and loyal.

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