Bemberg is a brand name for cupro fabric, which is a type of rayon known for its similarity to silk in touch and texture. Cupro, short for cuprammonium rayon, is produced from the cellulose of cotton linter, the fine, silky fibers that stick to the seeds of the cotton plant after ginning. These fibers are too small to spin but are ideal for creating this luxurious material.

Bemberg’s production involves dissolving the cellulose in an ammoniacal copper oxide solution, which is then spun into fibers. This process creates a breathable fabric with a smooth, silky feel. It’s known for its ability to drape elegantly, making it a popular lining material for high-end garments.

One of the advantages of Bemberg over silk is its moisture-wicking properties, which help keep the skin dry and comfortable. It’s also praised for being hypoallergenic and having a cooling effect, which is beneficial in warm weather. Additionally, Bemberg fabric is biodegradable, adding to its appeal as an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic fibers.

The fabric’s sleek surface resists clinging and static, making it a preferred choice for linings in dresses, jackets, and pants. Despite its delicate appearance and feel, Bemberg is also quite durable, retaining its shape and color after washing.

Bemberg has been a staple in the textile industry for years, beloved by those who seek the luxury of silk without its fragility or cost. It represents a blend of traditional textile craftsmanship and the innovation of modern fabric technology.

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